The polyurethane foam mattress (also PU mattress or comfort foam mattress) consists of polyurethane as well as cold foam mattresses.

Both mattresses thus do not differ in the material, but only in the manufacturing process. While cold foam is used in particular for high-quality 7-zone mattresses, PUR foam mattresses are mainly found in simple versions.

The advantages of sleeping comfort are basically similar and depend essentially on the material density.

Sleep comfort for a small price

PUR foam mattresses are known to many people as comfort foam mattresses. Even if the name suggests something else, they are generally more likely to be the cheap plastic mattresses.

For the production of the polyurethane is formed using a blowing agent. This creates soft foam, which then hardens under the action of heat. The heat opens the cellular pores of the foam and creates a breathable surface. Moisture is also effectively dissipated thanks to the open-pored cell structure, which is why the PU mattress is well suited for allergy sufferers and heavy sweating people.

Due to its low weight and high flexibility, the PU mattress is ideal as a light guest mattress.

Most models are so flexible that they can be rolled up and stowed away when needed to save space. Also, a user with a movable slatted frame is easily possible thanks to the high flexibility.

Difference between cold and comfort

The main difference between comfort foam and cold foam mattresses is in the manufacturing process.

In the production of cold foam mattresses, no heat is used – hence the term cold foam. While the PUR mattress automatically forms an open-pore cell structure due to the effects of heat, it must be produced manually in cold foam mattresses. For this purpose, the cells are “crunched” in a rolling mill, that means broken.

Due to the different material structure, cold foam mattresses have a more even texture and offer higher point elasticity. The compression hardness is also higher in comparison to a PUR plastic mattress, which is why heavy people and people with back problems usually sleep better on a cold foam mattress.

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